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Hedge Calculator

Hedging is a betting term which is defined by placing an additional bet on a different outcome subsequent to your initial wager in order to secure profit or minimize a loss. We have created a free hedge calculator for you to use to calculate exactly how much you need to risk in order to optimize your hedge bet.

Hedge Calculator

We have created a hedge calculator which you can use to determine exactly how much you should bet to perform a full hedge:


How to Hedge

The first thing you need is an initial wager. This could be anything from a pre-match bet to Championship Futures. Once the odds have


How to Buyout

A buyout is when you hedge a bet to minimize the loss. This is when the odds of your initial wager have gotten worse through the match, event, or season. You can use our free hedge calculator to determine how much you should risk on your subsequent bet to perform a full buyout with minimal loss. The formula for a buyout is simple: Divide your initial stake by the current market odds. Example: You bet $100 on your favorite team at 1.91 odds. Things aren’t going so well and the other team’s live-odds have dropped from 1.91 to 1.40. Since you want to buyout you are going to need to bet on the opposing team in order to cover all outcomes. Divide your initial stake ($100) by the buyout odds (1.40) to see how much you need to risk:

$100 initial risk / 1.40 buyout odds = $71.43 buyout risk